Out-of-home food and drinks

A chain of newsagents and convenient stores operating at airports, railway stations and tube stations was looking for a service provider capable of interacting directly with suppliers and manufacturers in order to break free from distributors and wholesalers. The aim was to build a complete new model that would ultimately enable the stores to order all their goods from a single logistics platform.

A comprehensive supply chain solution that includes managing information flows, products flows as well as financial flows for food and non-food products:
  • Managing the stock and replenishment using our client own accredited suppliers and manufacturers, owning the inventory and billing the stores
  • Tri-temperature distribution - ambient, cold and frozen, in accordance with the constraints and transport protocols linked to the specific location of the stores
  • Electronic data interchange for order status and tracking
  • Keeping track of expiry dates and shelf life

100 accredited suppliers 5,000 tons in and out annually 500 sku’s in stock 25,000 yearly replenishment orders from 400 stores