Staci offers customised logistics and digital solutions for more than 20 brands, guaranteeing supply to dealerships, agents, multi-brand distributors, equipment manufacturers, sales teams and events venues of various product categories including POS, literature and technical documentation, signage, merchandise, accessories, and spare parts.


Beverages, food products, tableware, consumables, POS – Staci offers the most comprehensive logistics solutions for the complexity of the catering sector with a whole range of complementary services such as supply chain management, invoicing.


Beauty products, cosmetics, make-up, samples, food supplements, brochures, POS etc… brands entrust Staci with the multi-channel distribution of their products.
Staci has implemented tailored cosmetics warehouse solutions to ensure that sensitive, valuable products can be managed securely in line with sector-specific regulatory standards, along with product management such as batch numbers, BBE, and proof-tags.
Our multi-channel, multi-carrier delivery model also provides complete compatibility across any distribution channel used too, including e-commerce and B2C, Direct-to-Store, delivery to D2C and B2B, influencers, sales agents and more.


Staci – Leader in e-commerce logistics

Before growing our e-commerce logistics capabilities, Staci specialised in logistics for B2B products such as POS, promotional items, literature, consumables. Thanks to this expertise in complex picking logistics, Staci has been able to develop an even wider range of logistics services, including e-logistics.


Staci is an accomplished digital and logistics hub for all products for a wide variety of GNFR products across forecourts, energy distributors and service station networks. Our logistics hubs allow rationalisation of orders and deliveries while delivering the marketing activities of brands within the network.

Financial Services

Within the Financial Services sector we support regional, national and international banks, insurance companies and brokers with POS, literature, brochures, documents, posters and communication media logistics and digital media to provide a bespoke solution for each branch or location.


Staci has implemented bespoke digital and logistics solutions for more than 100 FMCG groups, supporting the delivery of brands’ sales and marketing activities at sales locations and across regional pick up points, throughout all our European logistics hubs. From POS and promotional material logistics and marketing fulfilment to co-packing, merchandising and activation Staci can satisfy a global brand purchasing policy while providing local solutions for greater efficiency, with supporting complementary solutions utilised including eCommerce and B2C.


Staci offers bespoke IT, digital and logistics solutions for multiple Home product brands, including connected devices and smart technology, spare parts, toys, and household goods.
Our aim is to support our customers’ growth by integrating their seasonal peaks and business development as they grow into new channels.
Staci is a real solution to global logistics outsourcing, providing our customers with greater agility, better logistics performance, outstanding customer satisfaction throughout their network and real savings.

Media / Publishing

Staci provides print logistics for magazines, journals, books, and loyalty schemes, across multiple routes-to-market including eCommerce orders, retail logistics to store, and subscription/subscription box basis.


Accessories, medical devices, spare parts, samples, POS, brochures and pharmaceutical laboratories use Staci to ensure the logistics and distribution of all these products to health professionals (pharmacies, doctors’ offices, hospitals), medical visitors and professional conferences.
We have introduced digital and logistics solutions to guarantee full traceability of the products entrusted to us in compliance with the audit requirements and regulatory standards of the profession, including management of ‘product releases’, quarantining, and management of batch numbers.
Staci meets the audit requirements of its partner clients.
Our solutions are deployed in many countries for international contractors.

Public sector

Our speed of execution combined with our capacity for adaptation delivers an ideal solution for public sector bodies with requirements at very short lead time across schools, hospitals, administrative offices and other public sector organisations.


Staci offers all retail stakeholders a viable solution for outsourcing the logistics flows of retail and non-core products. The objective of outsourcing is to transform fixed costs into variable costs, controlling consumption and costs for an ultimately more efficient end-to-end operation.
Through our personalised online ordering platform each store can manage their POS and consumables needs including placing and tracking orders, whilst we consolidate orders in our logistics hubs, integrate multi-supplier deliveries.


Staci offers a comprehensive suite of product logistics for major telecoms providers, including device and router logistics, infrastructure equipment management, 5G deployment, parts logistics, and POS and marketing fulfilment.
Staci offers a real value chain for this sector that has specific logistics requirements for each market segment, supported by our strong commitment to the flexibility of tools and processes for this ever-changing industry.
One of our key strengths is our online interactive reporting tool, meeting very high standards for data visibility and transparency, and helping us together unlock insights from within your supply chain 24/7.


Many travel agencies, tour operators, leisure and entertainment venues, hotel chains, amusement parks, cruise liners, and other operators in the tourism sector entrust us with the storage and distribution of their travel brochures or marketing media. Our platform for grouping ‘tourism’ supplies thousands of travel agencies in Europe, hotels and tourist sites on a daily basis and ultimately provides considerable efficiencies throughout a shared resource operational model.