A few words from the Chairman

Support, commit, innovate, participation: 4 key values that guide our daily work here at Staci, and that drive us to always do better for both our clients and our employees.

It’s with equal determination and with a focus on these values that we want to further develop our CSR policy: in our aim for continuous improvement, based on the analysis of our impacts on stakeholders and on the environment as a major figure in the Supply Chain sector.

2022 is a turning point for Staci, as it’s the year when we turn our focus to reinforcing the prioritisation of our commitments. Supported by our majority shareholder, ARDIAN, as well as SGCP, we are implementing corporate governance comprising our new CSR organisation, the CEOs of our subsidiaries, designated CSR ambassadors in each subsidiary, and of course, my own efforts.

Together, working closely with the individuals forming our Group, we want to take the assessment of our practices even further and implement ambitious goals for 2025, so that we can constantly improve the support we provide for our clients and continue our contribution to a future that is bright for everyone.

Thomas Mortier
Staci CEO

Pillar 1 - The wealth of individuals

Alongside the fundamental notions of its business culture, based on adaptability, respect, and client satisfaction, Staci endeavours to develop its employees’ skills and to promote diversity. An inclusive approach focused on acknowledging and valuing individual differences, which are real assets for corporate performance.

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Pillar 2 - Innovative solutions to protect the environment

As a leading figure in logistics, Staci’s commitment assumes a two-pronged approach:

Reducing the carbon footprint of the transport and logistics solutions offered to our clients through the implementation of an ambitious strategy and greener transport plans.

Reducing the impact of our business with the optimisation of packaging, waste recycling, and the reduction of our energy consumption.

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Pillar 3 - Integrity at the forefront of our business

Respect and sincerity are the two values on which we have founded the way we lead our business, whether it’s through our purchasing policy, our relationships with our partners, or indeed our ethics, which form an essential prerequisite for our profession.

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As a global multichannel fulfilment expert, Staci is an ambitious, aware and committed logistics provider.

Staci’s management does everything in its power to promote the development of all its Team Members and to provide concrete solutions to create longstanding, valued careers, teams and friends within the business.

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