As a leading figure in logistics, Staci’s commitment assumes a two-pronged approach:

Reducing the carbon footprint of the transport and logistics solutions offered to our clients through the implementation of an ambitious strategy and greener transport plans.

Reducing the impact of our business with the optimisation of packaging, waste recycling, and the reduction of our energy consumption.



  • We have adopted a global strategy…
    As a freight forwarder, we’re able to elaborate optimal transport plans for our clients.
  • …and greener
    Our transport plans are eco-responsible. For each client order, we’re making sure that we adopt the optimal solution by taking into account four criteria: timing, weight, volume, and destination.

2025 AND 2030 AIMS

Reducing our transport emissions by 20%

in comparison with 2017

100% of urban traffic switched to green delivery methods

Green logistics solutions adapted

for every point of sale


An ambitious carbon footprint reduction strategy

  • Pooling and centralisation: our two strategic approaches
    We’re pooling both transport and orders from a client on a Staci grouping platform.
    These flow grouping solutions enable us to reduce costs and CO2 emissions by more than 23%.
  • A collaborative protocol shared with our partners
    Carbon offsetting for couriers, specific plan for Low Emission Zones, steering committees. We’ve asked our partners to train their drivers in eco-driving.

2025 AIMS

Acquire certification for our protocol from the Science Based Target initiative (SBTI)

to align with the National Low Carbon Trajectory (FR)

Carbon footprint reduction ambition

in association with the Paris Agreements



  • A responsible packaging policy
    We’re adapting containers and contents thanks to more than 80 different box sizes. We are also working to optimise tertiary packaging.
  • Opting for products and materials with reduced carbon footprints
    Products with certifications such as FSC, Ecolabel, Ecocert, etc. / recycled or recyclable products/wooden products sourced from sustainably managed forests. 1 364 trees saved in 2020 and taking on commitments in regard to paper 100% recycled FSC sources, 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable.

2025 AIMS

Acquiring environmental certification

for all our packaging



  • On average, we recycle 85% of the waste produced on our sites
    We’ve set ourselves the challenge of ensuring the continuous improvement of our waste recycling performances.
  • Re-use
    A technique which allows us to convert boxes from the inbound flow into packing products for shipments. This means that we can reduce waste and avoid excessive consumption of packing products.

2025 AIMS

95% recycling

of the group's waste flows

15% reduction in waste

produced in high level activities



  • A daily commitment to improving our results
    30% reduction of electricity consumption thanks to new lighting technologies, as well as by raising staff awareness on ways they can contribute to these eco-responsible aims.
  • Concrete application
    A warehouse opened in the Netherlands with BREEAM certification, the world’s most acclaimed building certification.

2025 AIMS

Achieving a 100% green energy supply

for the whole Group by choosing to use green energy providers

Reducing the Group's energy consumption by 15%

via energy projects and eco-friendly habits


Pillar 1 - Our wealth: a diverse workforce

In line with the fundamental principles of its corporate culture based on adaptability, respect and customer satisfaction, Staci is committed to developing the skills of its employees and promoting diversity.

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Pillar 3 - Integrity when conducting our business

Respect and sincerity are the two values ​​on which we rely for conducting our business, whether it concerns our procurement strategy, relationships with our business partners or even ethics, an essential prerequisite for our profession.

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