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Logistics: a sector where women have their rightful place

As part of tomorrow’s #InternationalWomensDay, we take a look at Isabelle Raffaillac, Site Manager at Staci. Her career path shows that, contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of opportunities in the logistics sector for women – the key is to be dynamic, curious and committed! 💙

🔷 Isabelle joined Staci 32 years ago. What made her want to apply, even though she knew nothing about the sector? The career development opportunities within a young, fast-growing company.
After working in the reception department for 3 years, she applied for the position of Customer Assistant, which she also held for 3 years, before becoming Account Manager. Keen to develop in project mode, she then took advantage of the reorganisation of the customer service department to pilot the creation of the company’s call centre, which she then managed for 2 years.
In 2006, she applied for a site management position that was being created, becoming the first woman to hold the post! Since then, she has managed several Staci sites and is currently coaching and integrating the new Staci 5 Site Manager, who has just taken up her post.🔷

🙌 It’s a great career move for Staci, and one that proves that women have their rightful place in the logistics sector. In fact, Staci is strongly committed to this subject, with a parity index of 93/100 and almost 49% of women holding all types of position. 🙌

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