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Staci delivers “An Unreal Performance” for DSC Subscription Box Fulfilment

World renowned personal care brand Dollar Shave Club chose Staci as it’s UK logistics partner for product subscription box fulfilment, and claimed the multichannel fulfilment expert delivered “an unreal performance” in managing the product logistics to their valued members.

Dollar Shave Club sought an in country provider with the ability to create multichannel logistics efficiencies, work closely with their team, and provide expertise and support to their teams across multiple territories.

Following on from a seamlessly integrated transition project, Cam McNeill, General Manager – International for Dollar Shave Club, said ‘Working with the team at Staci has been a really big breath of fresh air for us’

“The key benefit is service. To date we have seen that as a result of making the transition to Staci our engagement metrics with our members have improved even further, whilst long term it is a partnership of continuous innovation’

‘Staci’s biggest strength is the transparency, and that’s a real commitment from the team to say exactly what their years of experience has taught them. They’ve quickly learnt and mastered new processes, and I’ve found that really amazing – and without that flexibility to have an open mind and actively want to learn new things I think the transition and ultimately the whole integration would’ve been much more difficult.

‘Staci are immense and they’ve put in an unreal performance – they’ve really changed our engagement metrics to the positive and we couldn’t be happier with the work they are doing’

Wayne Chapman, Staci UK Managing Director, said, ‘We’re so grateful and proud of the relationship we have with Dollar Shave Club – their business and their teams are a pleasure to deal with, and managing their subscription box fulfilment really is the example of a true partnership which we see continuing to grow over the coming years through further innovation and improvement. I’m extremely proud of the whole Staci UK team too, who continue to deliver outstanding service every single day’.


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