Staci System®

  • Bespoke logistics services and innovative digital solutions.
  • A project implementation and support methodology that makes business and financial sense.
  • Personalized support in an ongoing process of continuous improvement and productivity.
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Staci Mutual®

The organization of + 80 multi-client logistics hubs utilizing shared resources generates very significant economies of scale. This model makes it possible to vary costs with a “pay as you use” pricing structure, unlike one-way -client solutions with fixed cost structures on dedicated logistics sites.

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Staci Customer Support®

Organizing and managing customer relationships is a Staci specialty. Whether implementing projects or managing logistics solutions, Staci offers personalized customer care solutions to ensure your activities’ successful delivery:

  • Our dedicated customer teams at each of our sites guarantee your logistics contract’s successful execution and implementation of continuous improvement plans, combining a strategic and tactical resource
  • A multi-lingual Customer Contact Team located in each country.
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Staci e-logistic®

Staci e-logistic brings together innovation and all the digital support solutions for our customers and their logistics projects: e-procurement, e-commerce, BI, reporting, and digital POS…

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