Employee support and social behavior are an integral part of the company’s philosophy. They encourage skills sharing and know-how transmission. Helping employees develop their skills and competencies, maintain their employability, and keep up their performance are daily objectives for Staci’s managers and our Human Capital group.


Employee’s commitment depends on the sense given to their job and their tasks. Staci’s leadership team strives to promote the well-being of all and to provide hands-on responses to build and preserve this loyalty to the company. There are many success stories at Staci. Numerous employees started as interns, trainees, operators… and today hold managerial or senior expert positions within the Staci family.


Significant changes in the working environment with the digital transformation of our practices require the company and its employees to adapt. Everybody’s contribution and shared experiences make it possible to adapt to these changes and proactively respond to new challenges. Whatever the job, each of us should be in a position to contribute with proposals to improve existing processes or to invent the future of logistics.

You are ambitious and talented ... join us in Europe or in the USA, to achieve your full potential within a leading logistics group.

Affréteur H/F

Type of job : Direction Transports
Contract : CDI
Published on : September 17, 2021
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Responsable d’Exploitation H/F (95)

Type of job : ExploitationManagement
Contract : CDI
Published on : August 27, 2021
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Responsable Service Clients H/F (95)

Type of job : Management
Contract : CDI
Published on : April 20, 2021
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