UNGC Ecovadis Staci

Accelerator of sustainable development

The mutualisation and optimisation of logistics flows, at the heart of STACI’s business, can significantly reduce the environmental impact, particularly in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. Aware of its social and environmental responsibility, STACI strives to reduce its carbon footprint by implementing sustainable transport and logistics solutions.

  • Solutions for regrouping flows with a high impact on CO2 emissions
  • A sustainable transport policy
  • A sustainable social policy
  • Action to integrate people with disabilities
  • An active policy of reducing consumables (paper, packaging optimisation…)
  • STACI is a member of the United Nations Global Pact :
  • “Silver” CSR performance according to ECOVADIS rating:
  • STACI is signatory of the charter “relations fournisseur responsables” :
  • Thanks to our dynamic policies in favour of professional equality between women and men, this year, we obtained a score of 87/100 on the equality index. (10 extra points / last year)